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Well known ESI Consultant


Khurshed Alam , well known ESI Consultant helps new Establishments to get ESI
Registration code with in prescribed time limit as per the Act. We provide following services as an ESI consultant :-

1- New Registration

  • We assist Employer / clients to file & submit necessary documents online in respective regional Office to obtain ESI Registration code number within prescribed time limit.

2- Registration of the employees

  • online registration of new employees (IPs) as per new ruling

  • Uploading family details in TIC ( Temporary Identification certificate ).

  • Preparing Health Pass Book for all employees & their families.

  • Providing online TIC to Insured Person (IP).

3- Monthly Process

  • Preparing & submitting monthly contribution of all employees of the establishment.

  • Assist Clients / employer during ESI Inspection.

  • Timely Reply of notices served by ESI departments to the employers / clients.

  • Update employers/Clients immediately regarding any amendments in ruling .

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